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Valentina: A 75% dark chocolate bar made for a little person in Portland who fills my chocolate world with light and smiles. This combination of Canadian maple and Ecuadorian cacao makes reference to Valentina's heritage, character, and sweetness. Weight: 1.2345 oz (35 gr.) Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic maple sugar, organic cacao butter.

Bee: A yellow chocolate bar made in admiration of the buzzing creature key in sustaining our foodsheds. Featuring bee pollen and sea salt harvested in Oregon by Bee Local and Jacobsen Salt. Weight: 1.2345 oz (35 gr.) Ingredients: Organic cacao butter, organic milk solids, organic cane sugar, bee pollen, organic cacao beans, vanilla seeds, sea salt.

Nest: A brown buttermilk chocolate bar blended with warm spices and a sprinkle of Oregon sea salt. This caramel tasting combination offers the satisfaction and comfort found inside a warm little nest in the woods. Weight: 1.2345 oz (35 gr.) Ingredients: cacao beans, buttermilk solids, cacao butter, cane sugar, vanilla seeds, warm spices

Cloudforest chocolate was founded in 2014 by chocolate maker Sebastian Cisneros. Cloudforest features single-estate Ecuadorian cacao Every step of the process is under their control, from roasting the cacao beans, refining the roasted cacao with sugar, and conching (homogenizing and deacidifying) the chocolate to improve flavor and texture to it's final form as chocolate.