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HYDRATE: Humectant properties penetrate hair shafts to repair damage and prevent split ends, promoting hair elasticity and softening strands, imparting full body without the frizz.

Formulated with: Irish Moss, Marshmallow Root, Horsetail, Cherry Acerola, Indian Gooseberry.

Designed for: Healthy to parched hair and scalp.

Notes of: Uplifting citrus and crisp green grass.

FORTIFY: Increases volume, texture and movement as its smoothes and shrinks the cuticle, ultimately improving the structural integrity of your hair and helping it grow to its full potential.

Formulated with: Papaya, Babassu Oil, Rosemary, Bamboo, Vetiver, Reishi Mushroom.

Designed for: Fine, fragile or aging hair; imbalanced, vitamin-deficient scalp.

Notes of: Grounding herbacous woods.

Conscia is the vision of Nicole Brown and her longtime client Victoria Heldt. Nicole is a longtime hair stylist and owner of Tailored, one of San Francisco’s top salons. Nicole's longtime client Victoria Heldt, has a background as an investment manager overseeing a portfolio of renewable energy assets and has a passion for environmental sustainability. The two developed Conscia, which is salon-grade “mindful haircare” with a concentration not just on hair but also on scalp and mind. It is a collection of clean products made with active botanical ingredients, and without water in the formulations or plastic packaging. Conscia’s ultimate aim is to offer a premium self-care experience that combines holistic philosophy, social purpose and eco responsibility, and to build a community united by a more aware way of living.