Paige Martin Woods Slate Disk Ring

Paige Martin Woods Slate Disk Ring


The Woods collection of rings are hand carved and generally evolve from a found material. This ring has a base made of wood and a crown made from a slice of round slate and comes with a little piece of chalk for decorating your ring. Each ring is unique and can be custom ordered in your size. Rings made of wood are delicate and can be susceptible to nicks, scrapes and water damage. It is advised that you remove your ring before washing hands or showering. They are always finished with oil and a final coat of wax. If the ring does get rough from water or wear, a light sanding with super fine paper and any oil to finish can restore its smoothness.  Please contact shop with specific questions about the Woods rings. 

Each Paige Martin WOODS piece begins from a simple line drawing. materials are then gathered and hand-hewn into an inscrutable artifact, each with its own history and fine imperfections.

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