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Turmeric Wellness: We joined forces with cookbook author Heidi Swanson to bring you this exclusive wellness blend. Together we formulated a tea to support the changing of the season and safeguard your immune system. All ingredients are sustainably harvested and cultivated without the use of chemicals. 22-24 servings per 3oz package. Turmeric, rosemary, citrus peel, ginger, black pepper. Flavor notes: earthy, soothing, bright. 

Golden Plume Herbal: A summery barley blend made with barley from Hidatakayama, Japan and wild harvested Goldenrod from North Carolina. 25 servings per 2.5oz package. Toasted barley, goldenrod, ginger. Flavor notes: light, nutty, sweet.

Peace Herbal: We made this tea in the spirit of peace. The ingredients in this blend were carefully grown and harvested form nearby farms. When they reached our hands they already carried the prayers of the earth and of the farmer. And we give it to you with our own prayer - for unity, peace, equality, and love.  18-20 servings per 1oz package. Yarrow leaf and flower, spearmint, tulsi, rose petal. Flavor notes: floral, soothing, delicate.

Pure Tulsi: In its native India, Tulsi is considered the queen of herbs; a sacred plant with potent healing power. This single herb infusion, comes from a small sustainable farm in Northern California. 18-20 servings per 1oz package. Kapoor tulsi. Flavor notes: cinnamon, sweet, exotic.