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2 oz. Single serving bath soak, can also be used as a foot soak.

Cyprus: This medicinal soak formula is made for the muscles + mind alike, this organic essential oil blend will transport you to the magical spot where the meadow meets the forest. The soak includes infused Arnica Montana oil for its restorative and
anti-inflammatory properties. The blend of epsom + French grey salts combine to have over 80 trace minerals and magnesium to help sooth the muscles and mind. The essential oil blend is intended to promote muscle and mind relaxation.   

Scent + Feeling: forest fresh, clean, relaxing, a pacific nw wonderland

Iris & Rosehips: This soak formula includes the ancient restorative ingredients rosehips, jasmine and French grey salts to nourish your skin and help you take a much needed pause. The French grey salt is organic compliant and hand harvested in the Guérande region of France. It is harvested in the 200 year old tradition of using only wooden tools. The salt is a beautiful grey color, derived from over 80+ trace minerals, including clay, that each crystal carries. Organic Rosehips oil and dried fruit pieces are an essential ingredient, they develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off, packed with high concentration of  vitamin c, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids known for rejuvenating skin. 

Scent + Feeling: jasmine flowers, soft floral, spring, relaxation, calming.

Lavender: Inspired by the lavender fields of Washington, we formulated this medicinal soak with Full Spectrum medicinals, lavender, and vetiver to help calm the body and the mind. We elevated the old school lavender bath!

Scent + Feeling: Lavender fields after the rain, floral notes, calming

Moon Mylk: 

A luxurious, milky soak with notes of sandalwood and lavender to nourish your body and heart while soaking the evening away.

Scent + Feeling: Celestial fresh, a walk on a clear starry evenings, happy and calm vibes 

Uses: Bath - Add two handfuls to bath while the water is running. Swirl soak until absorbed in bath. Hand/Foot Soak - Add one tablespoon to bath.