Tigra Tigra

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Olive silk mashroo smoking jacket with mashroo buttons. Mashroo is an ancient textile from the Indian subcontinent, which was originally developed for Islamic nobility. It was created to conform to the tenets of Islam which forbade silk to touch the skin. Mashroo uses a cotton weft and silk warp that floats on top of the cotton, which enabled the ruling Islamic nobility to flaunt and wear the luxurious sheen of silk without breaking religious law. Mashroo was a widely popular export to the Ottoman Empire. Today, only a few mashroo workshops remain - mostly in Patan, Gujarat where Tigra Tirgra's is woven.

Tigra Tigra is a textile and garment studio based in India that uses low-impact and culturally traditional textile techniques to create pieces that are truly beautiful and unique. Every piece is handcrafted -- hand-dyed, hand-woven and hand-embroidered -- resulting in variations in color and dye style that give the pieces their human-hand value and a one-of-a-kind characteristic. None of Tirgra Tigra's textile production requires electricity, as all of the textiles are made using hand-powered looms.  

  • 100% hand-loomed and small batch dyed, made in Patan, Gujarat.
  • 50% silk, 50% cotton. 
  • Dry clean only. 
    • 22" bust/hip, 20.5" waist, 32" sleeve, 28" from top of shoulder to bottom hem. 

*Measurements taken flat.