STORY mfg.

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The piece scarf is hand crocheted by Story Mfg.'s partners in India. This style is extra long with peace signs, checkerboard print, suns and snails. It's dyed with babul bark and madder. 

STORY mfg. is sustainably, and thoughtfully put together in the Indian forest. Their skillfully implemented ideology of balance is evident in the quality of each garment, and the beautiful thought process behind it. Completely vegan, not only are they seeking to do no harm, but to reverse the ecological footprint left by the industry. Their pieces are tailored with care, with no sacrifice to aesthetics or quality along the way.

  • 100% Organic cotton.
  • Hand wash with PH neutral soap, air dry.
  • Wash or rinse before wear to prevent crocking.
  • Ethically made in India.
    • OS: 16" x 69"

*Measurements taken flat.