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Hand stitched vintage peyote victorian seed beads with a lithium quartz stone on a rose quartz bead necklace. Measures: 17" necklace with a 1" charm that hangs 1.25 from necklace. 

Robin’s jewelry is made 100% by hand, making each piece one-of-a-kind and made-to-order. Her collection draws inspiration from classic costume jewelry silhouettes that were made in her family’s factory in Rhode Island. The semi-precious stones are hand-selected from small, family-owned businesses. The intention of the healing and metaphysical properties of all stones are thoughtfully considered throughout the design process. Each stone is “set” onto the leather with a hand sewn stitch that weaves the small beads, one by one, around the stone and through one another, known as a Peyote stitch. Inspired by Native American artwork and craft, this technique was learned on Robin’s travels around the country and has become the very foundation of her body of work. 16.75" necklace with a 1.25"x.75" stone pendant.