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Boxy, oversized embroidered blouse in a delicate cotton fabric. Slightly sheer, V neck, embroidery.

Anaak derives its name from the Filipino dialect Tagalog’s word for “child”. A term of endearment bestowed upon founder and designer Marissa Maximo by her mother. It is also perfectly evocative of the feeling her line exudes—just like a child, joyfully open, unabashedly carefree and with a permanent sense of wide-eyed wonder. Maximo has a studied background in painting and textile design and many years of experience in fashion. A solo trip to a secluded corner of India’s southern coast afforded her the opportunity to slow down and start thinking about a way to weave her travels and love for artisans into a more tangible and intimate story. And thus began the dream of Anaak.

  • 100% cotton.
  • Dry clean only. 
  • Made in India.
    • S: 29" wide, 20" tall. 
    • M: 

*Measurements taken flat