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Camino Verde, Ecuador: 73% cacao cultivated at the Camino Verde orchard in Balao, Ecuador. A fine cacao with flavor nuances of honeysuckle, walnut and guava. A cacao orchard in the old forests of Balao Ecuador, Camino Verde grows unique Nacional cacao. After harvest, the fruit is fermented with select bacteria to amplify floral and nutty flavors. The result is sun-dried to expand the flavor precursors and lower acids. In our workshop, we bring flavor to bloom by roasting the cacao beans, refining them with organic cane sugar and conching for 3 days to tame acidity and soften texture. We temper the molten result into the structured and glossy bar you now hold. We hope this chocolate reflects the essence of all that brought it to being —the feats of nature, the wisdom of Camino Verde caretakers and the devotion of our chocolate makers. 35 grams, ingredients: cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter

Goma: Influenced by memories from Japanese landscapes and treats. A gray chocolate bar featuring black sesame seeds and matcha, part of a collaboration with Fisk projects. 35 grams, ingredients: Organic cacao butter, sesame seeds, milk solids, cane sugar, vanilla.

Orchid: 80% dark chocolate bar highlighting the delicate flavor from the vanilla orchid. The vanilla seeds and cacao beans originate from Ecuador. The flavor experience starts fluffy and buoyant, opens to floral sweetness, and reaches a nutty summit. 35 grams, ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, vanilla seeds.

Cloudforest chocolate was founded in 2014 by chocolate maker Sebastian Cisneros. Cloudforest features single-estate Ecuadorian cacao Every step of the process is under their control, from roasting the cacao beans, refining the roasted cacao with sugar, and conching (homogenizing and deacidifying) the chocolate to improve flavor and texture to it's final form as chocolate.