Robin Mollicone's jewelry hasn't been in the shop for very long, but it's already made a big impact on us. The quality, details, craftsmanship and whimsy really hit home for us.

  • Best Friend: The Welcome Companions Red Lips Pouch. I LOVE this! I think it is so beautiful and has a really playful sense to it, which I really appreciate. I think it is so important to have fun with getting dressed. I could see this pouch being one of the most useful things in my closet, but one of those things that someone has to give you because you don't always think to buy it for yourself, but once you have it you can't believe you ever lived without it. 
  • Mother: The Notary Ceramics large earring vase. I'd give this to my mom because my mom loves ceramics and has an amazingly green thumb, so there are a lot of plants and flowers around the house and this piece in particular I think she would love because of the jewelry reference. My dad was in the jewelry business his whole life until her retired and now that's what I do, so I think it'd be a fun way to look at and think about jewelry.
  • Myself: Everything!?! Haha, any/all of the vintage coverall/overalls- I love wearing these for working in my studio- they are comfortable and practical and I don't mind getting messy in them. also Na Nin Drifter Eau De Parfum. I have a thing for lotions and potions. 
  • Secret Santa: One of the Na Nin perfume candles. I was just telling my mom earlier today when she was trying to think of what to buy her Secret Santa, you can never go wrong with beautiful candle. 
  • Holiday party outfit: The Carleen Velvet Patchwork dress. This is a great dress! Love the color combo and the silhouette. I feel like I could wear this all the time, but definitely dress it  up with some fun jewelry and wear it to a holiday party.