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For every body, everywhere--an organic, plant based, infused oil for your face, body and hair. Loam oil is made with calendula flowers grown by Reverie Farms and wild harvested rosehips from the mountains in Santa Fe. 

Calendula & roseships are a super duo, calendula not only heals skin but stimulates blood flow and is inherently cleansing. Rosehips are one of the only plants proven to help repair skin damaged by sun exposure while supporting the healing of scars and hyper-pigmentation (like malasma, acne scars or hypertrophic scarring).
The plants are infused in organic jojoba and red raspberry seed oil. Loam oil is UVA and UVB protectant for moderate daily sun exposure. Jojoba oil is the closest in chemistry to our skin's own sebum, and is very safe for those of us who have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts when using oils.

Use this oil every day as you would any other moisturizer. 
Available in 4oz bottles with pump dispensers.


Calendula officinalis, rosa acicularis hips, organic Simmondsia chinensis oil (Jojoba) and organic Rubus ideaus oil (Raspberry).


Use every day on your face, hands and body.  
Can also be used a hair conditioning oil. Massage into scalp, leave on for 20 minutes and then wash normally with shampoo.