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Chicory Cardamom Tea: This functional, bittersweet, roasty brew is an ideal daily tea or latte. Building resilience so you can keep going with ease, utilizing herbs that support digestion, liver function, and immune support. Ingredients: Roasted chicory root*, orange peel*, cardamom*, milk thistle seeds*, burdock*, astragalus*, cassia cinnamon chips*, cloves* (Certified Organic*).

Respiratory Resilience Tea: Promote a healthy respiratory system with purposeful medicinal herbs like marshmallow root and mullein leaf. Soothe irritation with clearing aromatic herbs, and add a spoonful of honey for additional support. Ingredients: Mullein leaf*, nettle*, elecampane root*, ginger*, hyssop*, marshmallow root*, wild cherry bark*, rose hip*, cassia cinnamon chips* (Certified Organic*).

Sweetheart Tea: This floral, bright herbal blend is perfect for drinking daily to inspire creativity, joy, and relaxation. Drink on dark Winter days to uplift spirits and on long Summer days to stay hydrated and in the moment. Try chilling Sweetheart Tea for a truly refreshing and delicious iced tea. Ingredients: Nettle*, rose*, damiana*, hawthorn leaf* & flower*, peppermint* (Certified Organic*).

Daily Greens Tea: Rich in bioavailable vitamins and minerals, Daily Greens is a delicious way to incorporate nourishing herbs into your day to day routine. Enjoy hot or chilled for a refreshing daily tea. Ingredients: Nettle*, oat tops*, oatstraw*, peppermint*, red clover*, horsetail*, tulsi* (Certified Organic*)

Pacific Northwest Cold CareFires up immune function at the first signs of feeling run down. Enjoy this satisfying, traditional blend of medicinal herbs throughout the cold months to bolster immune response. Ingredients: Elder flower*, yarrow*, peppermint*, sage*, rosehip*, ginger* (Certified Organic*)

30 servings per container.

Cordial Waters is a holistic skincare and herbal apothecary that encourages relationships to the plant world and self determined wellness. All Cordial Waters rituals are based on the principal of nourishing both skin and body to build resiliency to life's daily stresses, allowing for the embodied sense of beauty and pleasure every day. Products and packaging are carefully chosen with sustainability and simplicity in mind. Free of essential oils, synthetics, parabens, toxins, and animal testing.