I only buy items for the shop that I truly love, so selecting items for this gift guide was the hardest of all the hard jobs. A big shout out to my designers, helpers and customers for supporting the shop and allowing me to have the best job.  

  • Myself: The most important gift! I would keep the Julie Thevenot Voluma Bangle #1. I am just itching for an excuse to take this precious baby home with me. 
  • Mother: I love to give my mother exceptional clothing. She loves Nikki Chasin and already owns several pieces. This Notley jumpsuit has a great fun pattern that could be worn for a special occasion or just with sneakers any day. 
  • Best Friend: The Vivien Ramsay Swimmer bodysuit goes to my best friend. This pieces is best worn with pants or under a dress for layering. It's beautiful, very sexy and the kind of piece that might feel too extravagant to purchase for yourself. 
  • Secret Santa: For a Secret Santa gift I wouldn't hesitate to wrap up the Robin Mollicone Safety Pin Brooch. It could live on a jacket lapel or on a blouse. I think that anyone would enjoy this piece of jewelry. 
  • Boyfriend: For my boyfriend I would give the unisex Correll Correll velvet sweatshirt. Super fun, playful, comfortable, all the best apparel descriptors. Plus I would steal it to wear, so it's a win win for everyone.