Adele is the fashion guru that we keep close. Garmentory is always on the front edge of style and we're honored that Shop Boswell is kept in their fold. Keep a close eye on this lady because her fashion finger is always pointed toward the future. 

  • Daughter's babysitter: I'd get the Jujumade ceramic vases for my daughters babysitter. They’re super subtle and minimal, so they’d go in anyone’s space. Also, it’s a good price point to gift to someone when you’re just being thoughtful.
  • Best friend: The new Rubin felt beret is the cat's meow. I’d gift this to one of my more fashionable friends.
  • Myself: I'd gift the Vivien Ramsay Cross Mesh bra and Hi Waist panties to myself. So if someone is reading this, please buy it for me. I’m into comfort over wires.
  • Backup: I'd have the Young Frankk ribbon earrings wrapped and prepared as an extra gift to give. I hate not having a present for someone who gifts something to me. The good thing is that – if I don’t end up gifting it, I can keep it for myself.
  • Secret Santa: I would gift one of these Le Bon Shoppe socks in each color for a Stealing Santa game. Then I would steal them and keep them for myself.